Friday, April 29, 2016

Advice for One Another for the 3rd Grade Overnight

This week, amidst the hectic and fun of rehearsing our now finished script, we have also been planning ahead for next week's Oregon Trail Overnight. In addition to having Mrs. Clark visit to help us talk through our feelings about camp, we watched the same powerpoint I shared with all of you, we had a time to write down our questions and get some answers about what to expect.

While Mrs. Clark was with us, we continued to think through our outside and inside emotions about camp.The following is the conversation the children had with one another.  They were invited to share one thing that they were worried about or to offer advice to a concern someone else had voiced.

As you read their words, you will hear all the wisdom they need to find the courage to head off to camp next week. They were full of encouragement, understanding, willingness to share their worries, and the strong connection that exists between them! Please remember I could only type so fast and that I might have missed some comments by a few of the children. Also, some of the children's comments occurred in the morning and I didn't capture those. I share this dialogue with you to give you a window into the type of community your child is supported in, whether or not your child's voice is particularly strong in this example.

Conversation about Camp with Mrs. Clark:  4-28-16

Charlotte:  I’m worried about not being able to sleep because, after my sleep away camp for a week, I couldn’t sleep there very well. It was hard for me.

Leoni: It is hard for me to fall asleep at night too.  I would ask my parents for strategies. The one that really helped me was closing my eyes and just waiting there to fall asleep.

Lily: Thinking about something you like to do or want to.

Uma: Something that helps me is thinking I’m at home.

Ada: That happened to me once and I actually thought I was home when I woke up.

Catherine: I try to think about how good it feels to be in bed and all the exhausting things I did that day.  I also picture myself sleeping and that helps. One thing I worry about is that I have never been somewhere I don’t know without my parents. I am afraid there might be some surprises that I am not sure I will feel good about.

Quinny: I have a suggestion for Charlotte, I bring my stuffed animal and snuggle it and that makes me feel better.

Aaren: I don’t like to go to bed, but my parents will tell me that I have something to look forward to the next day, and then I will go to sleep sooner so the better things will come faster.

Ben: In order for me to go to bed, it’s not like I can just go to bed. I have to think about something, that turns into a dream and then I know I am sleeping, then I don’t want to wake up because I like the dream and then I am sleeping.

Ada: Mine is similar to Ben’s, I think of something random and it turns into a dream and then I realize I’m dreaming and wake up. It’s annoying.

Flynn: If you are missing your parents, during cabin time I am thinking I could draw my parents. I have a concern that my stuffy might get wrecked.

James: I have something like Ben, I can control my dreams. I go to sleep a little bit, I can control my dreams because I’m just a little bit asleep.  I can control my dreams and it is super cool.

Charlotte: I have a strategy for Catherine, my cousin went with me and that helped me. If you have a friend in your cabin, that will help you feel better.

Quinny: I have a strategy for Flynn about losing your stuff animal, I know I am going to bring a soft white stuff animal and it is easy for it to get dirty so I am planning to leave it in my backpack.  

Leoni: I am worried if I forget to write my name on things I’ll lose it. Or if my clothes get all dirty I won’t have a change.

Lily: I worried if the tape will fall off the labels for my clothes.

Catherine: I have a strategy where I pack far in advance, like a couple months in advance. Everyday I check and make sure I have everything. I get it in my system to make sure I have everything. That works for me.

James: My mom is exactly like that! It is still possible to forget something. My mom did!

Uma: Sometimes, when I am scared, it helps me to pack early and double check.

Ben: I have also had a bunch of experiences staying away from my family. I go to a camp called, Camp Nor’wester. It is really long, a month. You are with people you hardly know at all.  There are counselors, a bunch of really nice people, I think it is a good place.

Theo: It helps me to go to the bathroom as soon as I wake up and right before I go to sleep. Then I can just relax.

Jia:  One thing about not losing your clothes is that you might want to keep them in your bag, and search for what you need.  If your friend accidentally picked up something that was yours, you can ask for it politely, for them to give it back to you. Just in case you mix things up.

Lily: Are there bunkbeds? I worried about sleeping on the top bunk because I might sleep walk.

Ben: When I was in Kindergarten I had a bunk bed. My brother and I slept together and it was awful.  I liked the top more than the bottom.  I fell off the top and broke my finger. Then my mom decided we needed our own rooms.

Soren: I am really excited about being with friends.

Peter: Me too! I am excited about being away from my sister.

Quinny: I am looking forward to being with friends.

Ben: I can't wait for cooking on hobo stoves.

Jia: New experience, new things!

Catherine: I am really excited about being independent ,not depend on my family.

Lily: I can't wait to be away from my brother.

Ada: I am excited about being with friends.

Flynn: I think I'll like having cabin time so I can pour out my ideas.

Uma- I am looking forward to seeing who's in my cabin and my mom being there.

Charlotte- I am excited to have space from my brother and sister.

Leoni- Can't wait to hang out with friends.

Aaren- Me too!

James- I like being away at camp, I've done sleep aways a ton!

Just to remind you camp is next Tuesday through Wednesday.  Please arrive to school at the regular time on Tuesday morning, there is no need to arrive early.  Please deposit your child's labeled duffle bag/backpack, sleeping bag, and pillow on the tables in the 1/2 wing.  The chaperones and any available adults can help load it once the bus arrives to depart around 8:10am from the covered walkway.  

You can pick your child up on Wednesday behind the gym around 2pm.  We will notify the school if we will be late and they will send out an email to 3rd Grade parents. Please do not contact them.  Your child is welcome to stay at school until the end of the day and go on to EC or after school classes.  Remember, they will be tired! Currently, the weather looks good sunny/ cloudy and highs of 70's, please still send your child with a raincoat just in case.  

Please make sure your child's medications have been sent to school if the school does not already have them on file. Let me know by Monday if you have any questions.

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