Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Packing Memories of 3rd Grade

Dear Families,  We have had a wonderful last two weeks! We enjoyed being with one another and celebrating all our time together this year. I want to thank you again for sharing your children with me and, to send you off with a poem that guided me each day that I've spent with them...

Here are some of the parting words from the kids:

"Yesterday when we packed boxes it felt like we were packing memories of 3rd Grade".                    -Victoria

Leoni- I always remember how we were there for each other.

Jia- If I needed ideas or teamwork, all of you helped me, you were there for me.

Catherine- You've been a great class.  I'm really proud of our panels. Everyone had to compromise, make it interesting and include facts. It was hard but fun. The final was beautiful! We laughed a lot together in 3rd Grade.

James- I got better at cursive this year. I enjoyed camp.

Jonathan- All of 3rd Grade was fun.  I want to take the memories of the play with me!

Soren- You have all helped me at least once this year.  I will remember this class for a long, long, long time.  I will also remember our play and how we thought of it all by ourselves.

Lily- I didn't know all of you very well when we started but I grew to know everyone well. I laughed a lot and that felt really good. I will miss not being in the play

Ada- I will miss all of you and Ms. Baker. I will remember finishing the play. It was a big part of 3rd Grade.

Flynn- This has been a special school year for me. I had a wonderful time with all of you. You brought me a lot of joy to my heart!  Will- Thank you Flynn!

Theo- I am really proud of my cursive. Goodbye everyone and everything.

Aaren- See you this summer hopefully! I will remember how this was the 1st class in 3rd Grade to make a real play.

Ben- This is the 1st class where I've felt like I've actually been friends with everyone. Now, I know that next year if any of you are in my class I will be excited because I know you all so much better.  

Peter- This was the best play I have ever done. I hope to remember it for a long time!

Quinny- In first grade I joined OES. I had no friends then.  Now, I know so many of you so well. I hope we can all stay together next year.  

Will- My brother said this class was going to be fun, and he was right, it was so much fun!  I wanted to be in this class and I will always remember it and the overnight!

Uma- The last couple of years it has been harder to make friends. This year it was much easier to make friends. I will take the memory of being the first 3rd Grade class to make our own play.

Charlotte- This year I started not knowing anyone.  I feel like all of you have helped me and I know you all so much better.  I will miss 3rd Grade.

Victoria- Last year, i didn't have a lot of friends. This year everyone let me in, and now all of you are my friends.  Yesterday, when we packed boxes it felt like we were packing memories of 3rd Grade.

Photos from our Last Two Weeks

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Last Days and Summer Suggestions

Dear Families,
In two and a half school days, your child will be officially “promoted” to fourth grade. How quickly this year has passed! I want to thank all of you for supporting and encouraging your child throughout this year. I have seen each and one of my students learn and mature in a myriad of ways. The fourth grade teachers are lucky to inherit such a creative and responsible group of students! A special thanks goes out to Kristina Davis, our room parent, for helping to organize volunteer opportunities throughout the year and for stepping in to help whenever needed. A heartfelt thanks also to all the parents who volunteered their time this year. I couldn’t have done it without you! I hope everyone has a restful and fun summer break and please be sure to stop in to visit next year.
Erin Baker
Empty Backpacks
Please be sure to send your child with an empty backpack and a brown paper bag on the last three days of school. They will need plenty of space to bring home the fruits of their labor!
Summer Reading Challenge

These forms were sent home in last Wednesday. You can download an extra form here
                 Last Day of School Schedule
                  7:50 - 9:05 Regular class
                  9:05 - 9:20 Recess & snack
                  9:30 - 10:30 Promotion Ceremony in the Chapel (please feel free to join us!)
                  10:30 - 11:00 Pack up, Closing Circle and Goodbyes (students only)
                  11:00 Dismissal from 3rd grade classrooms
A Note From Third Grade Teachers About Report Cards

Dear Parents,
This grade report reflects your child's growth since September and where he or she is in relation to third grade end-of-year expectations. End-of-year expectations are in the Parent Portal for your reference. Please do not consider the five letters on the report comparable to the A through F scale on the traditional report card. Below is how classroom teachers use the letters:
                                   E Your child's work is consistently above expectations in that area. There are proportionately few E's given.
                                   M+ Your child is consistently meeting our expectations, working independently with persistence, initiative, and self-motivation.
                                   M Your child is meeting grade level expectations. This is a good grade. Children feeling secure at this level can develop the confidence to be more independent learners.
                                   M- Your child is working towards grade level expectations. Your child may need extra practice over the summer. This is not a “failing” grade.
                                    R   Your child is not meeting expectations or showing sufficient progress in this area.   If your child is not already getting extra help in this area, we will need to make a plan for support.
One thing to keep in mind is that as the year has progressed, our expectations have increased. Spring grades measure your child’s performance against these increased expectations. If your child received a lot of M+'s and E's in the first term, this does not mean they will receive the same marks in the second term. A different grade this term does not reflect a lack of overall progress or growth. Considering the different developmental stages of children in third grade, one of the most important things we take into account is the progress that each child has made. We consider this progress, along with grade level expectations, in assigning grades.

As always, thank you for your support and please contact us directly if you have any questions about your child’s report.                
Click here for : Summer Suggestions!

Boredom is the fuel for creativity!

I'd love to suggest lots of time to play, unstructured time to feel bored, and explore. Many parents fear that their children might feel bored.  As a mother, I too know the all too common refrain and have to stop myself from trying to fix it for my kids. I have to remind myself that being bored isn't a bad thing.  One of my favorite responses to my own children on those long summer days when they say, "I'm bored!", is to say back, "I can't wait to see what you figure out to do! I bet it will be super interesting!"  

This response comes after we have spent time brainstorming what we want to do and accomplish over the course of the summer. We brainstorm fun things, places to go, people we want to spend time with, things we want to make, build, cook, etc...Then I make sure our art supplies are stocked with the materials the kids will need to make or do the things they hope to accomplish over the summer. 

Below are the links to some great articles about the importance of boredom that refer back to an early Community Talk our class had back on October 2nd:

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Video of the Play!

Here it is!  The video we took of the play:

Hidden Stories of Oregon  
Written and Preformed by the 3rd Graders of OES 2016

The best way to access the play is to click on the link and then download the file to your computer if you would like your own copy.  

The children have written amazing reflections about their learning as the wrote and performed the play that they will have to share with you at our Learning Celebration next Monday, June 11th at 8am.  Can't wait to see you there!


PS Please send a double grocery bag with handles to school this week so the children can begin to bring home some of their work that will not go into their portfolios.

Thank you!